D1 | Outlook 2023 - Agenda


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1:00 PM ET

Thursday, December 8

Panel #1

Panel: Future of Defense Spending and the Industrial Base

Editorial Speaker: Mackenzie Eaglen, Senior Fellow, AEI

Editorial Speaker: Stacie Pettyjohn, Senior Fellow and Director of Defense Programs, CNAS

Editorial Moderator: Marcus Weisgerber, Global Business Editor, Defense One


How will the midterm elections, inflationary pressure, and a complex global security situation shape defense spending in the years ahead? Defense One’s Marcus Weisgerber will moderate an expert panel that explores defense spending trends in the United States and different regions around the world.


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1:40 PM ET

Thursday, December 8

Panel #2

Panel: Science & Technology Investments

Editorial Speaker: Craig Martell, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, Department of Defense

Editorial Speaker: Christopher Burns, Chief Digital Development Officer, USAID

Editorial Moderator: Patrick Tucker, Technology Editor, Defense One


Artificial intelligence will affect US national security and the global balance of power in the next decade. We’ll discuss how AI will shape the pursuit of other emerging technologies, the tactical battlefield realities it will create as well as its broader effect on civilian life and commerce in the west and on populations and nascent democratic movements under authoritarian regimes.

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2:20 PM ET

Thursday, December 8

Industry Insights

How to Achieve Desired Defense Outcomes in a Complex Threat Environment

Underwriter Speaker: Chris Valentino, Chief Strategy Officer, Peraton

Editorial Speaker: Daniela Fayer, Group Publisher, Defense, Defense One

Underwritten by: Peraton


2022 saw new challenges in an invisible war for information, and continued escalation in the digital battlespace. Join Peraton’s Chief Strategy Officer Chris Valentino for a look at what’s on the horizon in national security and how industry can guide defense agencies toward desired outcomes.

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2:35 PM ET

Thursday, December 8

Panel #3

Panel: Domestic and International Politics that will Shape Defense Policy

Editorial Speaker: Evelyn Farkas, Executive Director, McCain Institute

Editorial Speaker: Kurt Volker, Distinguished Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Editorial Moderator: Kevin Baron, Executive Editor, Defense One


National security is an extension of national policy and the American electorate just voted. Where will 2023’s politics take us next? We’ll discuss what the people want, what the politicians say, and what it means for government leaders in defense, security, foreign policy and intelligence.

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