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Join Us March 14, 2023

Emerging technologies have radically shaped the modern battlefield, challenging the nation's defense systems and capabilities as never before. To maintain a tactical and strategic edge, defense agencies have to adapt and incorporate swiftly-changing technologies and capabilities into their arsenal. Join the Defense Readiness Workshop to learn more about today’s cutting edge tools and ongoing efforts to push the envelope and develop the technologies for tomorrow’s battlefield. 

You will come away from this event with the improved understanding of: 
- How DOD agencies can manage and utilize emerging artificial intelligence-driven technologies and capabilities.
- The growing importance of data expertise and fluency in the DOD workforce and workforce training.
- How the DOD is innovating in cloud computing and developing the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (JWCC) program.
- The growing importance of data as a defense asset and how to manage it.
- How the DOD is implementing cybersecurity paradigms, like Zero Trust, to protect critical information and data from adversaries.